The works I make are assemblages consisting of a variety of materials, combined to make tactile installations, according to a strong idiosyncratic logic. The most important part of this logic is the search to find the point where the probable becomes the improbable. The works created are (1:1) working models for themselves. While I am working, my thoughts move between image and text. Therefore, language plays a big role in reflecting on the subconscious creative process where not all the questions posed have to be answered. Because of its transient character, the logic is not bound to the limits of any medium. Installations, sculptures, paintings and drawings; everything is connected. In my atelier I work on several different pieces at the same time, during which component parts may move from one piece to another to find their place within a process of controlled coincidence. The result is a collection of works bearing the traces of an underlying dialogue, a storyline that remains veiled.

My work is supported by the Stipendium Program for Emerging Artists from the Mondriaan Fund and by the Flemish Department of Culture.


2012/2014 Sint Lucas
Master Fine Arts

2008/2012 AKV st. Joost
Bachelor of Fine Arts

2004/2008 Grafisch Lyceum
Graphic Design